Well Drilling

When you need a well, we're here to make that happen. As fully licensed contractors, we have the experience necessary to handle any situation, from commercial to residential applications, based on your unique needs.

Well System Installation

Not only will we drill to find water at your property we will also install a full well system with the necessary pumps and tanks to serve your property with the water pressure you expect. With our experience we know exactly what product will service your home the best.



Well Abandonment

No matter how successful a well is, there may be a time you do not need it anymore. When this day comes, Antonsen Well Drilling has the experience necessary to handle the situation. Abandoning a well improperly can have serious environmental consequences, which is why we are dedicated to making sure every job is done right.

Our team has decades of experience managing abandoned wells, which means we have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to successfully and efficiently seal abandoned wells against any possible environmental implications.

Worried about not having water, low water pressure, dirty water or a leaky tank?

A maintenance plan can ease those worries by covering you if any of these things happen to your Well System. Call us today to learn more about our maintenance plan.

Ready to get started?

Call today to see what the well drilling experts at Antonsen Well Drilling can do for you. From installation to repairs, we have you covered in any situation.